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Black Building Test Maidenhead Data centre

As part of our commitment to quality and continual improvement we will be carrying out an Annual Black Building test in our Maidenhead Data centre to ensure the correct operation of the mains fail over systems.

What will happen?

The test will be carried out in stages:
1. Place all the ATS units on the air con units to manual.
2. Check all the UPS units are running fault free
3. Operate the changeover key switches on the three mains boards
4. Check all the generators have started and are running correctly with no faults.
5. Check all UPS units and BMS are operating fault free.
6. Let the generators run for approximately 60 minutes to ensure there are no issues.
7. Reverse the steps above to revert back to mains supply.

When will the work be carried out

The Black Building test will take place on Saturday 5th December 2020 from 08:00 – 17:00

Who will be completing the work?

The work will be carried out by iomart’s M&E Manager and specialist contractors from AVK, Riello and EMCOR.

Will I experience downtime?

As with any type of maintenance there is a risk of downtime. However, the Black Building Test is expected to be a non-service affecting Test. If at any point the risk to the site is increased, then the Test will be aborted and Mains Power will be re-instated.